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cywyllog's Journal

Cywyllog of Gwynedd
18 June
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Princess Cywyllog is the daughter of Cadwallon Lawhir, King of Gwynedd. Oh, and wife of Mordred and mother of his identical twin sons, Melehan and Melou.

She is very thin and approximately 5'5", which is tall for her time, but she comes by it honestly. She has a fair complexion and dark hair and eyes.

Pronounciation Guide
Cywyllog (coo-WEE-thog): OOC, feel free to refer to her as Wytha (WEE-tha).

Cywyllog's Fanfic 100

Cywyllog is from Arthurian/Welsh legend and is public domain. She currently answers challenges at theatrical_muse, is lost in desperatefans and makes the odd appearance as her future self in the journals of dragon_twin and pendragon_son. Continuities may collide.